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Different Types of House Designs in New Zealand

Housing has changed significantly over the years for several reasons. This includes improved construction techniques, modern design trends, and available space. When it comes to housing, New Zealand has a lot to offer in terms of design and style. In this blog post, we will look at some of the different types of house designs in New Zealand.

New Zealand had too much space for the construction. But as the years have passed in major cities and suburbs, vacant land has significantly reduced. This is why those who wish to live in desirable areas usually have to purchase an existing house, destroy it, and then build the house of their dreams. Regardless, New Zealanders still have plenty of opportunities to access the type of housing that suits their lifestyle best. Let's look at some of the most popular housing types available.

Single-Detached Housing

Single-detached housing means a single home on a private plot of land. Many individually built houses in New Zealand are very near the main street, having more room behind them for a backyard. Backyards in the earlier decades used to be bigger than today. But now, the reduced availability of vacant space has led to the subdivision of the larger plots into small plots. Even though the land size has gotten smaller, building single-detached houses remains a popular type of housing.

Semi-Detached Housing

As land value increased considerably, the builders began to better plan ways to use the available space. Most people build two separate homes on one plot to ease overcrowding in towns and cities. The perfect solution is semi-detached housing. This means joining two homes with a common shared wall. Today, these houses are known as "townhouses."

Semi-detached living is more cost-effective than single-detached living. As preferences change from time to time, homeowners are now not under the compulsion to share a common wall. These days, one can commonly find two or more smaller detached homes together on one single plot of land, often referred to as units or townhouses.

Terrace Homes

Terrace housing is one way to tackle the growing demand for land, particularly in populated zones. In terrace homes, three or more homes in a row. You will have a house attached to yours on either side unless you are on either end of the building.


Apartment buildings are a popular way to build homes in New Zealand. These are most common in Auckland and Wellington, but some local councils have also started making them in smaller towns. Apartments are usually small, but they have all the facilities required to live comfortably and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. It is a high-density housing solution in heavily populated areas.

Only some people prefer to stay in apartments due to the closeness with neighbors. You will have neighbors on both sides and above and below your apartment. Still, apartments are popular among people who enjoy urban living and being close to the city. It is also ideal for young professionals looking for a place to live while saving up money for their own homes.

Again, investors who rent individual apartments to tenants are the majority buyers of Apartments. Often, this is in the form of a corporate environment where all owners in the building share responsibility for common facilities and bear maintenance costs from time to time.

Acreage Homes/Farmhouses

Most people prefer to dwell in New Zealand because of its beautiful landscape. The most popular way is to buy a piece of land and construct a house. As the name suggests, acreage homes are built on large plots, often multiple acres in size. These are popular choices for those who wish to live in the country within an hour of Auckland.

Many people enjoy living in a rural atmosphere, growing their own food, raising a small amount of livestock, and living a kind of self-sufficient life. Many acreage homes or farmhouses are pretty large and are extremely beautiful visually. Most acreage homes are located in rural surroundings, hence they are commonly referred to as farmhouses.

Final Words

Whatever kind of house you dream of, Precise Homes Ltd is your own very dependable, trustworthy construction company that can make it happen. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients find their perfect homes. Get in touch with us to make your dream come true.

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