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Highbury Sold Out: What's Next in 2024 with Precise Homes!

Congratulations on the successful sale of all the brand new standalone or terraced houses at Precise on Highbury, located in the heart of Avondale! The development of Highbury commenced in April 2021, with market pre-sales kicking off in June. 50% of all properties were sold within first month of pre-sale and by the time the Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) was issued, an impressive 90% were sold.

This project emphasizes a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics. Incorporating modern décor and high-quality building materials, it offers a range of 2-5 bedroom options for homeowners to choose from. A special emphasis has been placed on creating a warm and comfortable community life for the residents.

In 2024, get ready for a fresh start as we bring you more amazing living experiences. A big thank you for the ongoing support of Precise Homes! If you missed out this time, no worries. We've got more captivating real estate projects lined up for 2024. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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