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Beyond Construction: Precise Homes Joins Warriors in Business Movement

Updated: May 26

Precise Homes is a proud founding member of the Warriors Business Club, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence in both the construction industry and the broader business community. Precise Homes aims to leverage the dynamic environment of professional sports to enhance its corporate culture and business strategies. Their involvement signifies a strong belief in the potential for cross-industry collaboration to drive mutual success and growth.

The One New Zealand Warriors are widening their corporate network by launching a Warriors in Business initiative in 2024. With the club’s 30th season, a drive has started to take the One New Zealand Warriors’ corporate connection to another level on the back of their exponential rise in popularity this year. The surge in growth was underlined by the results of Google’s ‘Year in Search,’ which revealed the One New Zealand Warriors outranked the All Blacks as the top most-searched sporting team in 2023.

“This business concept has worked well in sporting circles in Australia so it’s exciting for us to bring it to New Zealand,” said One New Zealand Warriors general manager commercial and consumer business Glenn Critchley.

“We see Warriors in Business as a product that will resonate with the business community, which is increasingly looking at professional sporting environments for ways to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace, whether that be through building culture or creating new ways of high performance. The goal is to grow our corporate membership base and attract a wider range of businesses and industries into our network."

Warriors in Business will provide an experience drawing on the expertise inside the club and among its sponsorship family to share knowledge that can help grow other businesses.


Precise Homes is looking forward to more collaborative opportunities and continued success through the Warriors in Business membership

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